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your project
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Link your 3D model with GPS location, give its dimensions and orientation and your future real estate project will appear in real environment for the viewers as it really would be there.
Use Gear VR as
an MR glass!
Believe your eyes with
Mixed Reality
Mixed reality provides an ultimate immersive
experience that could not be achieved until now. Present the
future using HoloTecht MR technology.
Upload your
3D model, the rest
is on us
Try it for yourself for free!

Register yourself or your company. Upload your 3D files onto the CMS system, assign it to the given GPS location, download the appropriate application and try it for yourself!
After the beta testing period the service will be available for:
9EUR/week or 299EUR/year

for customized solution use the contuct us section below
See 3D specification
Files uploaded to HoloTecht website must have a specific file format. Currently we only support .fbx files encapsulated in a .zip format. The zipped format can contain only the .fbx with the materials incorporated within the file, or the materials can be stored as separate files. Pleas be sure that the materials use the same names that is listed in the .fbx. If the .fbx does not contain any material files, the 3D object will only appear as plain object. You can change the material's property (color, transparency) after the upload choosing 3D editor button and then material editor side panel. Please read your 3D software's manual how to export in .fbx format. If you want to upload in a different format, please contact us using the panel on the website.
See disclaimer
HoloTecht is a software solution that is owned by ARworks Ltd. ARworks reserves the rights to change the content and functionality of the site under the beta test period. Projects uploaded onto the HoloTecht site is secure but ARworks does not hold the liability if the data is stolen or is shared with inappropriate third person or company. Only the registered User can set up right privileges. Please handle your data wisely. Do not upload files that are sensitive or contain secret information.
User friendly
CMS system
It is safe, it is private. You decide what content you want to show and who can see it. Our backend servers provide an optimal model for every platform.

Demonstration, verification or sales tool – it is your choice.
Project Manager
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